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Software Designed for Writers

Writer's Helper

Writer's Helper software

Do you have trouble organising your ideas or structuring your story?

Do you have notes, ideas and plans for your story scattered everywhere on little pieces of paper?

Are you wasting precious writing time trying to sort through multiple notes just to figure out where your story is and where it needs to be?

Writer's Helper stores all your information and keeps it sorted in relevant sections. You can move plots and subplots around each other, and keep track of your characters and settings easily. The software even generates a graph, so you can monitor tension rises and falls within your story.

All the information that goes into formulating a story is stored in the one file and can be easily retrieved. The collated information can be printed, so writers can work from a hard copy while they are creating, or the information can be viewed on your computer.

About The Program
Writer's Helper was designed to help writers structure their ideas and plot out their storylines. The software stores all your characters, settings, storylines, and more under a story title file. It can store many story structures no matter if they are short stories or novels. Simply open the software, and select whichever story you want to work on.

While it has not been designed to replace your favourite word processor where you create your story, Writer's Helper is an invaluable tool to be used in conjunction with your chosen processor.

Its functions aid you while structuring your ideas and plotting out many storylines of any length. Writer's Helper emphasises on constructing and cultivating storylines, and developing characters and settings.

Without annoying and long-winded introductions or overdone graphics to slow the process down, it's ideal for writers who want to roll up their sleeves and get on with the job.

The software doesn't limit you to restrictive templates like some programs or force you to follow a particular format. It's completely up to you how you structure your stories, which means the ideas are yours and not computer-generated.

The Writer's Helper User Manual helps you to utilise the software; however, it also contains tips on writing, so keep a copy handy and add it to your personal reference library.

Get organised with this user-friendly software and spend your time productively writing.

The Benefits
Using Writer's Helper allows you to:
  • structure ideas
  • create, develop and organise storylines of any length
  • create and develop characters
  • create and develop settings
  • organise characters, settings, plots and ideas
  • easy to locate story titles, characters, settings, plots and ideas.
The user-friendly program comes complete with a sample of a short story for you to study and learn how to use the software in the most effective way.

The Writer's Helper User Manual provides:
  • simple step-by-step instructions with illustrations
  • tips on how to get the most out of the software
  • tips on writing and building skills

Technical and Writing Support
The program has a built-in error log, so in the unlikely situation that an error occurs you have the capability to email it directly to us for scrutiny. If there is a problem, we will address it and contact you directly.

Email support is provided, please allow up to 48 hours for a reply. Direct your concerns to Broad Editing and Services.

Required System Components
Writer's Helper requires the following software packages, which can be obtained from Microsoft's website as free downloads (click here for detailed instructions):
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (or later)
  • SQL 2005 Express (or later)
  • Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 (or later)
Microsoft states the minimum software requirements for your computer for the above are Windows 2000, Windows XP or above.

'I'm impressed with the set up of your software. I love the book with my name on it. It gave me a buzz and a good giggle when I saw it.

'I found it to be an extremely helpful plotting tool, and I managed to keep track of my characters easily.

'In the past I've had trouble keeping track of plots and characters, especially in longer stories. I found the program made these easily accessible. No more plotting on the back of envelopes and shopping dockets.'

* * *

'It worked very well in outlining the [children's] story. I'm not a natural plotter. I usually let a story just unravel. A shorter children's story isn't such a hassle, but my longer novels are so difficult to sort out once I've written most of them [storylines]. Then, I have to sit down and plot and sort. I feel this program will be invaluable in keeping me on track. It's very useful overall and I love having all the info of a story at my fingertips.

'I'm bit of a novice when it comes to new things like this, but I soon found my way around.

'I'd probably refer to the User Manual while using the program less and less as I get more used to the program.'

* * *

'A really great program to centralise all ideas and collate everything in one place.

'It's a different way to dissect my story and thoughts.'
- HH (VIC, Australia)

Send us your comments, we'd enjoy hearing from you.

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