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Site Security & Privacy

No customer information or projects worked on are stored on our website. We store finished projects for up to six months for the benefit of customers who have lost their copies. However, we don't guarantee work will be held for this period. It's the customer's responsibility to make backup copies.

No document pertaining to a customer will be shared in any form with any outside source without written permission. We don't share customers' work or details with third parties. We don't disclose book ideas or plots to third parties. We understand and respect the trust that customers have with us when they forward their projects.

We don't condone selling or buying mailing lists. We don't abuse our customers' trust when they join our mailing list, so we will not send out spam emails. Our mailing list is used to provide quality information on writing and offer product knowledge.

We don't store customers' payment details, which is why our first choice of payment is PayPal. It allows customers to make secure payments without us obtaining any private payment details. Of course we also accept cheques and direct deposit.

We respect your confidential work!

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