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Publication Assistance Services

Book Publishing Assistance

For those wishing to publish their book, it can be scary suddenly dealing with printers, designers and all the other aspects to see your book in print. If this is you, then you may wish you had a fairy godmother to wave a wand and make it all happen. The thought of talking the lingo with printers and designers, obtaining quotes, choosing, and sorting though whatever difficulties surface makes you want to bury your head under the pillow. All you want is the final product, your printed book looking professional with that 'new book' smell.

At BES, we're used to dealing with printers and designers, so why not leave it up to us? We will obtain the quotes, arrange printers, organise cover and layout designers, and even apply for the ISBN code for your published book. We handle everything, while providing progress reports to you.

Want an e-book instead of a printed and bound copy? We'll arrange that for you too. Electronic versions still need cover and layout designers.

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