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Writing For Newspapers And Magazines

Short, powerful and packed with content is the key to success when writing articles for newspapers or magazines. These forums have the largest readers of all forms of print. Publishers are constantly looking for good article writers for newspapers and magazines. While there are slightly different guidelines to follow for each of these platforms, on the whole, both have the same basic principles.

  • A powerful, interesting heading is essential to grab readers’ attention. Unlike writing a book, you have seconds to cast a first impression and hook a reader.

  • An article that has a good structured outline of introduction, body, and conclusion within a short piece of work.

  • Content that keeps the reader interested until the end.

  • Sentence structure differs to when writing a book. Short sentences, and regular paragraph breaks encourages the eye to continue reading. Sentences that are long, with few paragraph breaks are far too in-depth for a quick read. Remember the forum to which you are writing for and the audience that will be reading it.

  • Do not attempt to produce your work to the editor in columns for your intended newspaper or magazine. Your piece should be in the standard format (see Helpful Tips for more information). Leave the column presentation up to the editor and layout clerk.

Writing for newspapers and magazines is a talent worth honing. Having the ability to write concise, readable material whilst covering key content helps to ensure future paid work.

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