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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I just leave it up to my computer's spell checker?
Spell and grammar checking software can help, but they have limitations. If it doesn't fit into the confines of the program's rules, then it will see it as an error or ignore it completely. If the wrong word is used, but is spelt correctly, then the program will not pick up the error. A thinking brain is needed to pick up all possible errors.

Can't I edit it myself?
Editing and proofreading your own work is one of the hardest things to do. When someone writes something, and probably rewrites it many times, the brain fills in what should be written instead of noticing what is actually there.

The spelling of a word can change over time. Sometimes it may be a minor change, for instance, 'copywriting' used to be a hyphenated word (copy-writing), but now it's represented as one word. The change can result in a word being changed completely. Did you know the word 'choose' was spelt as 'chuse' at one time?

Don't forget what is considered right for one country may not be right for another. For example: Australian's spell 'colour' with a 'U'; however, American's spell it as 'color'. While this example is well known, there are many others less familiar that can cause some confusion.

Is my privacy protected?
We don't store any of your details on this website. Your details are kept only for our business purposes. Completed work will be stored for a period of six months as a backup service for our clients. However, we cannot guarantee this; therefore, clients are encouraged to keep their own backup copies.

We don't condone buying or selling mailing lists; therefore, your details will not be sold or given to a third party.

No document pertaining to a customer will be shared in any form with any outside source without written permission.

Are there any hidden or additional costs charged?
Our firm quotes are based on provided samples of work. The price charged will match the firm quote. However, if the project presented to be worked on differs from the sample given or if the requested service has changed, then a new quote will be issued taking the changes into consideration. No work will begin until the customer has accepted the quote in writing.

How accurate are your estimated deadlines?
We book each project in, taking in consideration the work required and the time required to complete the job. We work on your project during this period. However, if a project is to be sent to us in instalments and one or more of those instalments fail to reach us on time then this would alter the booking time. The same applies if a project in its entirety is expected on a particular date and it doesn't reach us until a later date.

How do I receive my finished product?
When a project has been finished, we will send an invoice and release the project once payment has been received. The project can be delivered electronically, as a hard copy (printed material), or a saved file onto a CD or a USB flash drive. The preferred delivery option (email, Australia Post or courier) needs to be provided to us at the time of quoting.

What are your payment methods and terms?
We require full payment before the project can be released. Our first choice of payment method is PayPal, as it provides the customer with online security. Click the Paypal button to make a payment. You must have a Paypal account to use this method, but it's free and easy to set up. You can transfer funds from your bank account to Paypal, which can take up to a week to clear, or transfer the funds from a credit card.

We also accept cheques (please allow one week for cheques to clear), and direct deposits.

What if I'm not happy with the finished product?
We are in constant communication via email throughout a project's progress to ensure customer satisfaction. Any question, specification or concern that may arise while working on the project is checked with the customer. We may offer our experienced opinion, but all decisions are the customer's responsibility. If, however, a customer is not satisfied with the finished project then this along with reasons must be brought to our attention immediately where we will endeavour to reach a satisfactory solution. Having a project edited or professionally worked on doesn't guarantee it will be published.

Who owns the copyright?
All work conducted by Broad Editing and Services is the property of Broad Editing and Services until payment has been received. It is a breach of the copyright act to use all or any part of the work provided by Broad Editing and Services where payment has not been paid in full. Please contact us via email for more information.

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