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Information on Writing

We'll add informative articles here regularly about writing, the writing industry, helpful insights, and motivational pieces, so visit us often and learn all you can.

Choose The Right Editor for You

With the ever-changing advantages with technology, publishing has been affected as well. Those who relish having more control over their creative stories or non-fiction works will quickly adopt the many aspects of producing their own books. Others may be more reluctant and want to cling to the traditional publishing avenues. Despite which category you fall into, self-publishing has flourished and will continue to do so. Those who refuse to consider self-publishing as an option will ultimately reduce their chances of turning their manuscripts into a proper book.
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Are Mentors and Workshops Beneficial?

It can be an amazing journey for a writer to create a fiction or non-fiction book. It can also be quite a scary and unfamiliar ride. There's a lot involved depending on the genre and style. There's the matter of creating characters that don't all sound the same or wooden. Settings and descriptive passages have to have the right blend to create a scene without becoming boring and losing your audience. Timelines and plots have to be workable and believable. Skills have to be wielded artfully to create the right tensions at the right times.
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Pros and Cons of Going On and On and On

It's easy to fall into the rambling trap. Taking up an entire paragraph where a simple sentence will do the same job. There is little point, for example, describing all the uses of a pencil (it's colour, it's size, and so on) unless there is a reason to draw attention to it. A chewed up pencil shows a habit of the user/character. So does a row of perfectly maintained pencils on a neat and organised desk. Apart from this, a pencil is just a pencil.
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Habits to Avoid

Habits of speech have a tendency to creep into our writing. Things that are accepted or ignored in everyday conversations should be avoided when writing. Have you ever said, or heard, something like this: The movie starts at 7.30 pm at night. This is a tautology. A tautology is saying the same thing twice.
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Active and Passive Voice

Many writers drift into the passive voice. When this happens, teachers and other writing professionals often say, 'You’re writing in the passive voice. Use an active voice instead. It will make your writing more interesting.' Most likely they offered the same explanation: With the active voice, the subject undertakes the action. With the passive voice, the subject is being acted upon, (or words to that effect).
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Create First and Edit Second

Hello to all the writers out there. The best advise I can give regarding grammar is don't let it consume you. Sit down in front of your computer or pick up a pen and writing pad and start creating. Don't worry about grammar or where to stick commas; this isn't the stage to allow yourself to be distracted. Write whatever you want, let it flow from you to the page.
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